Saturday, December 23, 2017

Not His Real Birthday, but still a special day!

I know it's not His real birthday.
It's just another day.

When I can think on my blessings,
enjoy family,
give gifts away,

Maybe make some visits,
Do crafts and cooking and such,
Show some extra generosity,

Let someone know he's loved

It's just a traditional day,
to remember when
Jesus was born,

He came in flesh,
Born to Mary,
For us,

The wise men knew,
They followed the star,

To find the Christ child,
They traveled afar,

God grants His people,
Free will to all,

I don't mind using mine,

On some tradition that's fine,

I know it's not Jesus's real birthday,
It's a tradition,
A custom,
A very special way,

To get together with family and friends,
To show we care, and have fun,

Think on blessings,
Cooking and crafts,
Give some gifts away,

Remember baby Jesus,
The gift to the world He was

May we live for Him each day,
Pray our hearts are turned His way

Extra lights in dining area.  

My daughter and I had fun decorating FINALLY.  We did something different this year.  We did not put the handmade ornaments on the tree, but we are enjoying them just the same.  We decorated the tree with inexpensive sparkly tulle and snowflakes mostly.  Then we hug the handmade ornaments on tulle around the front-door frame, and on the stairway hand rail where the stockings are hung.

Look at my son's wedding picture.  Isn't that adorable?  When I was taking the picture, the Christmas tree was reflecting on him.  

I am so looking forward to seeing them.... and my grand-baby.

Merry Christmas dear ones!  Be happy and I wish you more of Christ, today and in daily life, your life be rich with Sonshine♡

Grandma Mary Marthađź’–

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  1. Merry Christmas to you!!
    Your house looks so sparkling and full of light, you and your daughter did a great job!! Thanks for sharing your light and being an encouragement through your joy of sharing and loving!! Blessings and Love!