Saturday, December 16, 2017

Beginning to Embrace Empty Nest: Cleaning out the House (intro.)

These chocolate oatmeal breakfast biscuit/cookies are helping me find special joy this morning!!

I don't mind sayin', "I'm going through a rough patch," for reasons that very few around me know about.  I can't explain it in detail here, but I can make general references.

Life doesn't often turn out like a fairy-tale.  There are very commonly disappointments big and small that become part of each of our stories.

Have you ever heard the "Serenity Prayer?" Written by American theologian and author Reinhold Niebuhr (published in 1951).  30 years later when I was in high-school, it was already classic.   It goes like this:

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things, I can not change, COURAGE to change the things I can, WISDOM to know the difference.

That wise prayer combined with an open heart, and God's Word living and active in one's life, is reason for HOPE and JOY, and chocolate oatmeal cookies can be added sweetness.

Though I can not speak about what bother's me that I can not change, I CAN speak about what bothers me that I CAN change.

I live in a house that is, for mine and my husband's background, fairly spacious.  It is not a dream mansion, but it is our home sweet home, and we have worked hard for it, and lived lots of life in it, and we designed it with our growing children in mind.  We built it, much of it with our own hands...

Anyway, now the children are mostly grown.  Rarely do I have multiple kids at my house and when I do, they are teens.  Their choice of activities are different than years ago, and need I say, they don't care for me to be around.  I have shelves and shelves of games that go un-touched year after year.

Today, I am going through my house like the winds of tropical storm Tammy.  Piles and piles of STUFF is to be separated from its hiding place, and shall be brought to light.

There is an urban toy giving ministry that toys will be passed to, and other stuff will go to Salvation Army.

I dream of an uncluttered space.  Dare I take before and after photos?  And this monster I tackle before I even have my Christmas tree up?  Talk about Christmas pressure or stress...

I think my children are happy, so I know I am blessed.  I will continue the striving...

Can you relate?


The breakfast cookies that brightened my day with my coffee are the basic Chocolate Oatmeal cookie recipe shared here:
but I did not have enough butter so partly I used coconut oil.  I may have skimped a bit on flour, and I didn't quite have enough cocoa, but other ingredients were as recipe calls for, AND I added 3/4 cup shredded coconut*, half cup slivered almonds*, and 1/3 cup mini-semi-sweet *chocolate morsels. (Honestly I used what was *left in the bags.)

God grant me  SERENITY to accept the things I can not change,  COURAGE to change the things I can,  WISDOM to know the difference.

Blessings on your path.  I would delight to hear from you.  I am going to publish this now, for accountability, not because it's a particularly fun or lovely post.   

I will say that one of the first times in my marriage that I did major cleaning out and giving away of access STUFF I remember my little friend Tina (then a teenager) being with me.  I remember she was my sweet support.  We held hands and prayed over and for my STUFF.  It helped me to pass it on.  I prayed thanking God for it, for the time that he entrusted it to me, the use and blessing of it, and I prayed for it's future use........that it would be a BLESSING to someone else.  That was a long time ago.  I wonder if she remembers?  I love her.

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