Monday, November 6, 2017

Senseless and Sinful, Still my Hope is in my Father

KSAT San Antonio, TX news
reported shots first were heard at 11:15
from a rural church, 
40 miles south-east of San Antonio
Sutherland Springs, Texas

I was at a rural church west of San Antonio

Shots into the church from outside
Powerful weapon
Manned by  hate or insanity

The church now the crime scene,
Biggest mass murder
in Texas history

26 killed age 5 to 72
20 more injured

A chase
The mean, cowardly killer
Running after he killed 
Christians at their gathering place,

Wilson County
Stockdale community center 
became the
gathering place
for calls 
no doubt more prayer

as citizens came
to wonder
was their loved one dead or alive
Medical personel working
to support and nurture life

oh Lord, have mercy on us.
Holy Spirit, please be present.  Comfort those that hurt because violence and sin has ripped their loved one away.  The children that have been affected, and have not experiential background...........Lord minister to their injured hearts.  By YOUR WISDOM may they know in YOU is ALL HOPE for here and now, and the here after.  Lord, have mercy and draw nigh.


  1. Amen...praying..senseless...mad..Father have mercy

    1. Thank you for prayers Rita. In our God, the only one true, is all our hope in this fallen world. Praise His name, we are just passing through, for Christ has provided the way of salvation.