Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I Know in Whom I Trust for this Challenge

Not all of my life..... so I am not bragging.  I missed eight years of opportunity with my oldest, but the last part of his public education under my roof, when we drove to school together, and most of my daughter's school-days..... I have prayed with my child(ren) before I say good-bye to them for the school day.

We offer general thanks for our blessings,
      ~make special requests
      ~ask for God's blessing on our friends and family,
      ~and HIS will to be done in all the Earth as in Heaven
      ~and make intercessory prayer for needs close to our     heart
      ~ask Him to nurture and grow us in His ways
      ~for God to guide, guard, direct us.

One day I expounded on this a bit and it settled as a challenge, as faces and scenarios came to my mind.  I prayed:

God guide, guard, and direct us,
Our thoughts,
Our speech,
Our actions,
Our walk,
Our talk,
Our facial expressions and postures,

Certain faces and challenges came to my mind.  How about you?

Ugly stuff.
It's real.

Family near, family far, being family doesn't make us with out blemish or mar.
Work associates, community members,
Maybe even church brethren, purposely or accidentally,
Can be rude, inconsiderate or mean.

RUDE, ungracious, positively uncomely,
Inconsiderate, mean, or downright ugly...

Polite, and kind,
We are called to be,
If we are to represent Christ's ROYAL family,

Do not stoop to their level
With your actions or words,
I pray with our life,
God's love and truth is seen and heard.

Polite and kind,
We are called to be.
God help us represent Your blessed family

Thank you for letting me share.
Blessings in the path of Sonshine,
Tammy @ 
Grandma Mary Marthađź’™

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