Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sunshine and Sonshine Light to Share

Grandma Mary Martha is a blog to serve creativity, kindness, fun sharing, to spread sunshine and Sonshine.

One reader expressed question about what all that meant, so I wanted to explain a bit more, my vision and organization.

I want Grandma Mary Martha blog to be a place you can come, to feel like you have fellow shipped with a friend, and been encouraged.  Sometimes that means by sharing in a creative adventure,  cooking, or crafting.

Sometimes I will share my thoughts more deeply, where we walk or talk in the  light 
           ~ of positive thoughts and kindness (sunshine)
           ~ of scriptural wisdom (Holy Bible book of Sonshine)
           ~ of hope in the light of Jesus Christ, God's only Son
               my Sonshine

I just wanted to clarify.  

Thanks bunches and bunches for dropping in or sharing the travels with me.  If you'd like to see me address a certain topic, I'd probably be willing to try!

I wait on the ideas..........and trust that God will reveal how He would like to use me.

May you be richly blessed in His PEACE, mercy, grace and LOVE.

from Tammy @  Grandma Mary Martha 💜

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