Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cherished Evidence for a blogger to treasure.....

(You can go here to see complete blog post) as referenced in photo.

Christian bloggers spend time thinking, planning, creating, typing, to produce a blog post..... a blog.

Discretion is incumbent.
They absolutely can not write all that it occurs in their brain.

What they produce and then offer to the world,
They HOPE it is well received,

They have reasons,
coming from a Christian heart,
that would be to teach,
                         build up,
                        shine light.

        Sometimes, descretion
       work and love combined

        Bloggers blog, and HOPE
to make a difference in someone's mind

 Post after post they blog and pray,
     Clinging to encouragement,
                 day after day

     Thank you to those 
    who  read and share,
take time to make comments
and let us know that you care

The photo above, and words that are rare,

are by my former student ,
who was the inspiration
for the post she shared.  

I wrote it for her, and got her approval before I shared or publicized.  When she shared it recently from my facebook photo and link, she gave me SUCH JOY with her comments.

I am totally trusting God to use my blog to 
mend fences 
build bridges 
shine light 
provide comfort 
and encouragement
sometimes creativity 
and fun 

to accomplish
.......... more than I will know about, until I get to Heaven.

I am grateful for encouragement along the way, and YES, readers and listeners.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Be blessed,
Tammy @ Grandma Mary Martha♡