Friday, October 6, 2017

A Cheap DIY Gift, and Truly Perceptive Thoughts on Men

I will use red for this post, to honor my daddy.  We are celebrating his 83rd birthday soon.  I love him so much, and red has always been his favorite color.  He to this day, would probably be just FINE living in a house all red, actually red carpet on the walls...... we talked about it once.  No one else in the family would have been OK with it.  It did not happen, but that is how much my daddy likes red.

What do you get the man who has everything.  He has the means to buy himself anything he would want.  He accomplished that by living frugally and working hard, and what does he want MOST?  Only our love, and our time, and our smiles, and laughter, and hugs, and back scratches (my thing for Daddy)...........

So what do I get him for his birthday?  We are giving him bread pudding (his favorite)

and this drink mix that he and mom like, but have a hard time finding, and, this present right here, and it cost peanuts (figure of speech meaning cheap.)

The decorative stems are created from straws and craft sticks (also known as pipe cleaners) which can be bought by the package, for super cheap, as the paper sack cost pennies.

A little tape makes the pictures sit securely from the back but can be removed easily, and the stems (straws) are literally just stuck, arranged in peanuts in the bag.  (a favorite snack of my dad's)

A bandanna handkerchief decorates the paper bag, and I expect my dad will use it.  He is "old school," where men use handkerchiefs to blow their noses, not tissue paper.

Pictures of deer.... because I wanted Daddy to take those pictures home with him last time he visited, but we forgot....  He loves to see the deer here when he visits me.  The small pleasures he appreciates in this world, but none is dearer to him than my dear, my daughter.  She just got some sports pictures in, so.....

I hope you are feeling encouraged in your path today, and feeling the warmth of His Sonshine.  Know that it is easy and fun and can be cheap, to make something special just to say you care.

On a different note, I wanted to share some thoughts about FATHERS, or the men in your life, or absence  of men.

I was so blessed.  I had two wonderful men, steadfastly in my life, as a healthy, loving, influence while growing up, and then God gave me my husband Paul........... I never pretend it has been perfect with Paul and read around my blog, or ask, and I do share enough, but exactly because of how blessed I have been, and because of what I have observed, and because of mistakes I have made, I wanted to share from my heart about men:

If you were not so blessed with good men in your life while growing up, I am going to say a prayer for healing for you right now, because I know it must sometimes hurt, but further I wanted to say, "Don't look back, sister."

"Look forward."

"What man, may you build up, and thank??"

Men are strange, I have observed over the years.  They sometimes act so self sufficient, and unemotional (compared to the women I know) and yet....... there is this other side of them, that so desperately needs to feel loved, appreciated, respected, and even NURTURED.  Know what I mean ladies?  Be kind to them, and build them up.

Love your men.  

We are all just people, and people need people.  People need love.  People need God.

God bless you.  Wishing you lots of love and fabulous Sonshine and happiness.

In Christ's name,
Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha
 wearing red today, in honor of my Daddy

Two post scripts here:

1)   My daddy was an awesome Daddy, in large part, because my mother did her job.  She did her part.  Because she did her part, my dad did not have to "do it all," and he could excel at what he did.  He earned the money, and he "loved us," and always had laughs, smiles, games, fun for us.  Mom did the tough stuff.  She cooked, cleaned, disciplined, trained, taught, over saw educational issues...... Their team work was functional and productive and I am so grateful.

Mama's who are there living out the tough times now.  Persevere. Do love your men.   Keep on keeping on with what you know you need to do.  Your reward will be wonderful and priceless.

2) disclaimer of sorts:  DON'T put up with ABUSE.  Sometimes women would be better off alone, or with out certain men in their lives, I am sorry to say.  Know that God is the only one you can ultimately invest in, and never be disappointed.  

Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

If you are unfamiliar with a Christian church, let me encourage you, that there will be good and bad with in.  We are not a perfect people, but where the Holy Spirit is strong, love will be strong. I am trying to say that inside the church should be a good place to find love and help if you are in a bad situation.

1 John 4:8
...God is LOVE.

Galations 5:13
...but by love, serve one another.

 The bread pudding is AMAZING (daughter said) >recipe here< but I added slivered apple pieces.

We know it is a success because I made a small one for her and me, and (post this picture) it is GONE!!!
(smelling the pudding, looking forward to our party tomorrow!)
But, oh, this is not all my daddy will be getting....... for one thing, he has another daughter remember.  My sister is the master party planner, and extravagant gift giver in the family, and she made our family favorite, "Mississippi Mud Cake," which is simply put, OUR FAVORITE for more than 40 years now!!!  I shall do that recipe on here someday..........

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