Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Only if you like LIVER...

I made this dish based on a memory of something I had eaten long ago.  The original dish was made with bacon.  I cut sliced ham into strips and used that.  My husband and I both like to eat liver now and then and it is high in B-12 (which we need- remember I am on a supplement).  Also my friend Anna told me that her doctor-cousin said that organ meats do not really contribute to high cholesterol, but rather it is because of refined and un-natural foods.  I suspect this is one of those ongoing debates, but I am not here to educate in this regard; I am simply sharing what we did discussed, and what I cooked.

I dipped each liver piece in Thousand Island dressing, and then wrapped it in a strip of ham.  I thought I would need a toothpick, but I really didn't.  If I layed the pieces down on the wire rack, with ham outer end DOWN, and then it stayed in place.

Here they are in the oven.  I set the temperature on *400.  Woops, I didn't watch the clock or set a timer.  They started fizzle-ing fairly immediately, and when I smelled them, they were done.  Don't do as I do.

I used this Kraft brand Thousand Island dressing.  Now if my husband was home or I had anyone to share these with I would have gone to more trouble to cook, but it was just me.  My daughter would have none of it, so all I ate with my serving was the salad in the picture.  It tasted pretty good, (if you like liver) like I do!

See how tasty they look !

If you read this and try it, I would love for you to drop a comment.  At this point the best reason that I shared this dish here is because I LIKE TO BLOG.  Most people don't like liver (so I have heard) so it's not like I think this is going to be a popular post.  As always I do my own thing, and my blog reflects me.  I want to share and be a friend and a light in Christ.
Hope you read around in my blog !!
Bless you and yours,
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  1. Alvin and Pinky love liver and other poultry organs. I don't eat organs but I love the processed liver sandwich spread in can. Hahaha, I know right! I'd rather choose the junk. Anyway, we have a different meal course for liver here in the Philippines. One of those is called ADOBONG ATAY. (Marinated liver in soy sauce) It has laurel leaves, whole peppercorns, lots of minced garlic. It's best with white steamed rice.I will try to share the recipe when I cook it some other time. :)

    1. Kate, you obviously have great knowledge about cooking a variety of foods. Have you ever thought about doing some blogging about cooking? I know there is a school of thought that one should limit blogging to a niche, but I feel there ARE many other more significant factors that contribute to or limit success. Anyway, thank you for sharing here with me !!