Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Life Hack for Dealing with Mud

If you are going to have to slop through some mud, to do a chore, (like I have to walk the dog) and need mud shoes but don't have any.................... Do this!!

I think I learned this from my mother at some point.  I grew up in the country.  Here the tip has been handy MANY times.  Today I did it:

Insert shoes in grocery bag, and wrap bag around and tuck the edges into the shoe:

For some reason the mud, clay, soil, does not stick to the bag as badly as it sticks to shoes !!  Try it.

Chore done.  See, no mud tracks, but I am leaving the covered shoes outside the door for next walk on this muddy ground.

Thanks Mom, for being the BEST at keeping things clean neat and tidy.  Love you 💙

Look at my sweetie, with her feet/shoes in bags so she doesn't get the car muddier when she feeds the cats before school.  I am waiting in the car, and took the picture.  Thought she looked so cute.  Just to explain, that is not what she wears at school all day.  She has athletics class first thing, so she dresses for her work-out and then changes in to appropriate school clothes.

I love this kid !!

Tammy @ Grandma Mary Martha💖


  1. Agree! That's a clever way to protect your footwear from the mud. Just be extra careful though when you walk through the slippery road and stone pavement. It can be very slippery when wet. You can try to squeeze a few hot glue gun at the outsole (of the plastic) if you got one just to provide more traction especially when you are going to spend longer time outdoor. Be safe!

    1. I thought how insignificant this tip is in light of the flood mud that many are dealing with in Texas now. This tip is appropriate for my arrid, high ground region........ simple common yard and country road mud. I like your hot glue marks for traction idea. You are so very clever Kate !!