Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wreath Salad

It was lunch time, day 3 of being back on the nutrition wagon (trying to make good choices.)  My daughter was visiting friends.  My husband is working out of town.  My son is married and living in another town.  I was here alone, so decided to use some of the chicken that I baked yesterday, and an egg, along with some veggies, and make a salad.

I thought why not put the spinach around the edges like a wreath?  So I did!  

Then I got out the other stuff.  Cut my carrots and tomatoes, and arranged them.

Then I cooked my egg and warmed the shredded chicken in a little bit of olive oil, and I was pleasantly surprised that it did not stick to my cast iron skillet !!
When it was done, on both sides, I put it in the middle of the wreath !!

And drizzled it with Ranch dressing.

IT was satisfying.  I ate every morsel of food there, and you know what?  Three days in to my ride on the good nutrition wagon, I feel GOOD.  I have energy😊  Thank you to God for the wonderful food he provided and blessed us with!


  1. Oh, can you pass the salt? I mean pass the courage to eat healthy? I'm kidding!:)

  2. Funny girl !! Yes, somedays it takes more strength and courage than others, to eat right........... Praise God for the nutritious food!! Praise God for the delicious food!!