Friday, August 11, 2017

...Time for war (room) declarations?

My girlfriend and I met for a therapeutic girl chat.  I am fifty something years old, and YES we still do this!

We each had some stresses to work through.  We each shared, and validated, and encouraged.... we edified one another towards love and growth in Christ, and ultimately at the end of our girl-chat session, we both knew what we had to do.

Maybe you need to do it to.

We parted one another's company with a hug and resolution to each do our work on our declarations of victory to  the devil and more so enthusiastic praises to our Lord for our blessings and hope.

My cry to the devil will sound something like this.  I will shout with confidence:

You will not discourage me with  __________________!   
I am not afraid of __________________, because the Holy Spirit is in me and I belong to Jesus Christ!

I am His, and you have no part of my life.

My family, my life, belongs to God in Christ!

you can not hurt me or scare me or rob me because my hope and my salvation are in Jesus Christ.  JUST FLEE because you have no place here and you will accomplish nothing!

I have victory in CHRIST JESUS! 

To God in Christ, I will then pray and thank and praise His Holy name for all of my blessings and hope, and friends, and good gifts which are endless......

I will practice being like the characters of War Room..... You have got to see this movie, if you have not:

Thank you precious girlfriend for your time, and for helping me realize what I needed to do.  As always, God will meet our every need.


  1. It's a beautiful movie about the power of prayer and women friendship.
    My daughter is my prayer partner besides my husband. I'm glad to received another one and that's you. I feel blessed enough to have 3 loving people who I can trust with my innermost thoughts.

  2. This is greattttttt!! I will share as I pray everyone will read this!!! It's a great reminder to make the devil flee in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!!!