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Saturday, August 5, 2017

It should be Common Health Knowledge

I bought 4 boxes, because I need this, I want this, and I am going to share with my parents.

I went to the doctor recently for a well woman's check-up (*appointment referenced in this linked blog also*).

I mentioned some STRANGE symptoms to the physician's assistant that handled my case that day, not wanting medication, but just wanting to get out in the open, and maybe on the record these STRANGE symptoms that I had never mentioned specifically because they changed............. and I was good at excusing them or explaining them away.  I had done some research and thought I might know what disease that might be lurking somewhere in my body............................

Interestingly, the physician's assistant (a woman about my age) listened to my summary of symptoms and my suspected diagnosis (which I was not yet willing to take pharmaceutical treatment for). 

She shared with me that SHE HERSELF had similar symptoms and was referred to a  specialist doctor years ago............. and vitamin B-12 deficiency was her problem and very possibly mine!!!

She shared with me that the specialist doctor told her that some people's body is not efficient at metabolizing this important vitamin group even in pill form, so no matter if you have a good diet or take multi-vitamins.  

He put her on this, "Sublingual B-12," which is to be taken UNDER THE TONGUE where it will be absorbed directly into blood stream !!!  The symptoms that brought her to the specialist, are not a problem anymore, and she has her parents on it.  She said research shows that it may help at some stages with Alzheimer's disease!!!  

Just so you don't wrongly conclude, the symptoms that I talked to her about on this day, were not cognitive or even mood related, though that can also be related for sure, and indeed I had coped with a whole range of symptoms, cognitive and mood I did not discuss with her on that day.  Proper metabolism  of B-12, is basically key to every aspect of your nervous system.

After listening to her, I thought, "Everybody should know this!"

It was hard to find.  It kind of hides on the drugstore shelf, but once again I am BLESSED.  I found it, and now I begin taking it as directed.

With out discussing my symptoms, I thought this information about B-12 is astounding, interesting, and worth passing on.  Science and the Lord never cease to amaze me anew.

Do I think everyone needs this?  Apparently not.  Still it is knowledge worth knowing, and may be VERY helpful to some.........

I took it for the first time today, and it was OK.  A little bitter but I will GLADLY take it everyday and here it will live by my coffee-pot.

I noticed that the instructions say to shake, and administer dose under tongue, and hold it there for 30 seconds before swallowing.  Wasn't difficult.

"Thank you God, for my blessings!  His will be done♡♡♡"

As always, I enjoyed sharing with you here.

Grandma Mary Marthađź’–


  1. That's interesting. I had a similar situation with Vit. D. I was extremely low. Taking a supplement has made a huge difference! Thank you Jesus!

    1. WOW ! Truly thanks be to God for being our provider in so many ways!


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