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Boring Diet/Food Journal

Purple balloons in my diet/food journal?  Well, yea, cuz remember I can edit and change anything I want to, and I am celebrating today!

August 6, 2017 second day back on the nutritious wagon, but I still lost about 20 pounds this summer with out denying myself, for real !!  I have cooked and baked (look at my blog recipes/dates) and eaten what I wanted pretty much when I wanted, and I still lost weight.   WHY?

Probably because I didn't over eat and I was busy with wonderful good stuff (family, my girl teens, and blogging, and caring for my home) and therefore I ate when I was HUNGRY, but it was/is summer vacation so I could eat when I wanted.............that means there were no incidents of STARVING which happen during the school year (impending diet challenge to avoid).

Worth noting here that the reason I am back on the,  "nutritious wagon,"  is   >because of a blog that I read a few days ago<.  It encouraged me.  It inspired me to start making better choices, and to stop my FUN  YUMMY baking.  Well at least slow it down or turn on INFREQUENT mode.

Yesterday I ate pretty good:  

10 cups of weak black coffee
one slice oat-nut bread with almond butter

homemade split pea soup
6 ritz crackers

baked chicken
spinach leaves
red grapes

Today, Aug, 6:
weak black coffee
spoon almond butter

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In the computer format it will be here, (see picture below).  I am sharing this way because I know blog formats and text can be overwhelming.

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha ๐Ÿ’–

My Diet History, in-case you're interested in that kind of thing:

Was average weight proportion to my size early on.  Mom raised us with balanced nutrition served at meals, and JUNK food was not normally purchased, was not normally in the house.

My grandmother was "the best cook in the world," and very loving and I suppose "indulgent," because she always tried to have OUR FAVORITE foods homemade and ready for us when we came to visit (uh-oh, I AM MY GRANDMOTHER) and one summer of spending maybe two weeks with my Grannie, my mom picked us up and I remember her chin dropped when she saw me.  I think 3rd grade, (8 or 9 years old) and I had gained 10 or 20 pounds!

Now my grandmother had been on her own weight-loss journey, and had accomplished her goals.  She had the love and self-discipline to eat her "diet choices" while she watched us eat her best, sugary, buttery southern home-cooking.

My mother was sweet and wise, besides that I saw her facial reaction when she saw me, she did not say much to me, but I remember the turning point.  Little girl that I was, I browsed the JCPenney  sales catalog and picked out a outfit that I thought was just adorable.  I asked Mom if I could get it.

She LOOKED, and responded, "Well Honey, they do have your size now........... but if you go UP one more size, then you will be wearing CHUBBIES."

Right now, I can only "assume" that "Chubbies" was really a size thing (???)

That got my attention !!!

Ya'll, I was only in third grade, but thus began my "dieting."

I began immediately making choices that I had seen my grandmother make.......... just simple basic nutrition.  (breakfast: 1 egg, 1 slice toast, 1/2 grapefruit.  She ate grapefruit a lot, believing it helped burn fat.)

Next time I went to Grannie's house over the weekend, I told her, "Grannie, I am on a diet.  I want to eat what you eat."  Sweet Grannie supported that of course.

Ya'll, (remember, I come from tall people so factor that it, but) I went from over a hundred pounds to 82,83 pounds, my third grade year!!

Then continued on the thin to medium size the rest of my life, until my 50's, I was maybe getting from medium to quite full figured, maybe??   Oh, who am I kidding?  Some of those stupid charts would have classified me as obese.  I hate those charts!  Anyway I had gained weight slowly and to loose this recent 20 pounds allowed me to get into jeans that I had not worn in 8 or 11 years !!

More specifically what do I think helped?

1) Staying busy with stuff that I enjoy.

2) Never getting ravenously hungry and then over indulging when food is available.

3) Not eating for highlight of my day, but to feed myself because my body needs it, and I am hungry.

4) Because I have been busy and occupied   with things that make me happy, I have been content to feed myself a moderate to small portion and go on.......... with my happy business.

Be back later.  Going to church now.

Salad:  spinach, chicken, apple, green onion, red bell pepper

and a few walnut pieces.  Big Mama's salad on left.  Ms. Priss's salad on the right.  SHE (my daughter) has been SOOOOO GOOD.  She started making herself nutritious smoothie's for breakfast.  (Shares on that later.)

After this wonderful salad I was still hungry.  Uh-oh.  So I ate a spoon of almond butter, and continued to work on my 10 cup pot of weak black coffee.  (I LOVE COFFEE........... if it's weak and black.)

Speaking of the almond butter:
I am watching this jar carefully.  So far it has served my daughter and I  four or five times, and it is not quite half used up.  The jar cost around  $6, so a reasonable estimate is that we can get 10 meals or snacks out of it.  YES it is about double the price of peanut-butter, but I chose it for health, and I do like the taste a lot.  Anyway when you divide the $6 by 10, that brings the price with in reason and this is just an estimate.  One slice of bread toast with almond-butter on it, makes a good breakfast around here and when you compare $.60 or $1.00 to the cost of breakfast at a convenience store, restaurant, or even breakfast at our SCHOOL............... I can tell you I CHOOSE THIS..... breakfast from my own jar of semi-expensive almond-butter.  Something to think about sisters!  Maybe you can afford better nutrition than you think.

Yes, the spoon of almond butter filled me up.  Now I am satisfied ("Thank you God.") and I am proceeding to my housework.  Trying to get a grip on out of control stock of family photos............. and then move on to clean and organize my son's bedroom, and oh, I gave my closet to my husband years ago, thinking it would help him to KEEP HIS CLUTTER there....... so I actually had no closet until my son moved out so I need to work on MY STUFF again..........That is for another blog someday, in-case you are wondering.  Let me just say, "mobile hanging rack."  Anyway, I have more than enough to keep me busy around here.

"Thank you God for energy, and blog readers with which to share, because it has HELPED ME LOOSE  20 pounds !!"

split pea soup
7 Ritz crackers
1/2 cup apple juice

*smoothie made of: 2 cups vanilla soy milk, 2 heaping spoons of Ovaltine (chocolate protein mineral powder), 2 heaping spoons ground flax seed

*1 tablespoon kernels corn- popped and garnished with 1/2 T. coconut oil and seasalt, another 1/2 cup apple juice

My snacks weren't the BEST, but it all is an improvement to previous days.  

I think this format is not practical for journaling.  I think I will experiment with long hand writing on paper, and taking a picture of my handwritten documentation.  I would love to hear good ideas you have recently been encouraged by, in the comments.

Did I get all my work done?  Of course not.  It is Sunday afternoon.  I got the living room cleared of clutter, and I visited with best friend from high school, Anna.  Blessings to you all, until next time ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒธ

Oh, motivation and information from dear friend Anna, and her cousin who is a practicing doctor............  Now I realize there is always going to be someone to disagree with you on nutrition when you draw a line.  I have one friend who is convinced that everyone would be healthier if they would go vegetarian (plants) all the way.  I am going to line up with another philosophy/idealogy that my friend Anna and her cousin take............ I can even eat organ meats and real butter (all in moderation) but what I REALLY should CUT OUT is the white flour and bakery products or processed foods!  

YIKES!  Can't say this is all new news to me, but YIKES.  Remember I just climbed back on the nutritious wagon, so this cramps my style just now.  I am looking back, yearning, watering at the mouth, thinking of alternatives.

Must focus on good food, nutritious food, make by God.  Oh I WILL splurge on special occasions,  (and have my bakery goods, make my bakery goods) and say, "Glory to God for this WONDERFUL DELICIOUS TASTE!" but yet I have started on the path to pursue nutrition and health.

Yes, my visit to the doctor and initiation on to vitamin B-12 started the turn of direction, >go here if you missed this article< .   Reading that article  >this book review post< encouraged me further.  

This evening, I took my vitamin B-12 under the tongue and am planning my vegetable egg breakfast.  Don't know why..........just want it for a change.  Will not admit that I'd like a cinnamon roll or piece of coffee cake.  Oh can hardly wait to my birthday (November).  Will dream of it for months.  Will I manage??

Will be figuring this blog endeavor out as I go.  Have a wonderful blessed walk in the Sonshine, until next time.........

Tammy @
Grandma Mary Martha๐Ÿ’–


Aug. 7, 2017
Well darn.  How did my thinking evolve to "make better choices," to no refined or wheat flour baked products??  I am not loving this, but I am mostly determined, for my health.

You know that this morning I really wanted something normal, but instead I had this with my coffee, and I am looking forward to a creative nutritious lunch.
Mashed  half banana  with plain boiled oatmeal, sprinkled with cinnamon like royal caveman of rain forest may have. I know I am being ridiculous.  Well anyway, it wasn't so bad.  I'd give a good solid 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being sweet watermelon or three-layer chocolate delight (some of my favorite things!).  Its taste makes a passing grade.  Now on with my day.

For me, brain challenge, spiritual peace, helps me make good choices and not eat out of some form of boredom or desire to feed for pleasure above nutrition........... I need to eat for nutrition!  Mission accomplished in this breakfast and now on to my brain challenges, with Sonshine, I go.  Wishing you the same.
Tammy @ Grandma Mary Martha

lunch: wreath salad which I am working on a blog about.

4:00 snack (cause I am on the edge of ravenous now) I ate two spoons of almond butter!  Yep! 'cuz I like it !!

Then I was getting REALLY hungry all of a sudden so I am warning you, this is not going to be lovely wonderful "diet food."  I am baking Jiffy brand cornbread muffins, and eating it with some baked chicken and chicken broth.  Not sure if I will have any veggies with it, but I am  going to love the taste I think!

Hey, I'm not doing too bad for someone who just climbed back on the nutrition wagon............
Aug. 8, 2017
This morning I had my black coffee and oatmeal with canned peaches packed in natural juice, NO SUGAR ADDED.

OK, this is too boring to continue logging my food here.  The chronic cycle will continue.  Now I am in spin of trying to "do better" in my choices.  I wish Dairy Queen would not advertise their blizzards on TV (Texas thing.... super yummy ice-cream creations).  Sometimes I will do VERY WELL in my choices.  Occasionally I will definitely SPLURGE.  Sometimes I will bomb the wagon for no good reason.

My favorite go to foods will continue to be spinach, vegetables, baked chicken, almond-butter.  I will continue to love sweet stuff, now the least of which is fruits, and all yummy baked goods and desserts and coffee cakes.  

I will continue to share fun, nutritious, and yummy/not nutritious recipes here.  If and when you want to inquire or converse about this topic of food choices or diet, I would be glad to see your comment below!

Walk in the Sonshine!
Love, from Tammy@
Grandma Mary Martha

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  1. Keep this up !!! You are inspiring me and I am looking forward to eating the banana and oatmeal, though I may put in some natural honey and cinnamon!!! Hugs, Anna