Blogger Recognition Award, Aug. 2017

Oh my, was I blessed when I found special news on my friend Rosie's blog, "Nuggets from the Heart,"  ...that she had nominated me, and my blog of "Grandma Mary Martha" for this award, along with others, for having been a pleasure and encouragement to herπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ

New to blogging, and with so much to learn, this sure was a boost to me. Then in her advice points I read just what I needed!  Thanks be to God, and to Rosie, for this honor and timely advice πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ  Now I strive to reciprocate by sharing some of my story, a few points of advice from me, and recognition of some special bloggers that have been a particular  blessing to me, this summer. As I do this, I wish to also re-share this link to an old post which expresses my appreciation to the Christian blogging community which has been AMAZING since I connected.

How my blog started:

I have always  loved to write.  I was filling journals at home as poems and ideas came, as treasures from my heart 20 years ago when I was basically afraid of computer, and did not know what "google it" meant. My parents and husband listened to my compositions and poems, (sometimes with crossed-eyes and brain fog looming) when I read to them.  I felt like they were patronizing me, so I learned to keep it mostly to myself.  It was like I had my own little writer's club, with me, myself, and God, but  I dreamed about fellow-shipping with other writers.  When I began to have an understanding of the idea of a blog, I began to dream about blogging as well, but I again I was mostly clueless.

This dream became more real and important to me, as I determined................ someone is going to be putting something "out there" into cyber space.  It might as well be me putting positivity out there.

Trial and error, trial and error, through failures and to some success, I am now Grandma Mary Martha, the grannie blogger. (Tammy Dunlap)

 Some of you will not understand this, because  you take for granted your blogging connections, but the truth is, before I started my Grandma Mary Martha blog, I went to my computer time after time, searching for Christian Bloggers, and I marvel at this truth to this day, but time after time I was frustrated............... until I found my facebook support group.  There I found my  Christian blogger sisters, and because of my journey to here, I consider it a wonderful calling to link my friends and readers to other wonderful blogs that I have discovered.

 In blogging, my dream came true.  I can write, and share my writing, and enjoy the writing of others, and fellowship in Christ through our blog connections.  Oh what JOY !!

My Advice to new Bloggers:

1) Stay true to who God created YOU to be!!  Look inside of YOU to create a blog that is YOU.  You are created by God, and that right there, gives you credibility to be joyfully YOU, on every page of your blog, and is more important than any niche or any avatar.

2) Christian bloggers, commit it all to the Lord in prayer, over and over.  Have peace knowing that the Lord is faithful to keep and protect and provide for that which is committed unto Him. I draw strength and courage from this faith in my prayer-line and the AWESOME God that it links to.

It has been a wonderful adventure for me to be able to taste and drink up what other sisters across the United Sates and world, are writing from their hearts, and often for Christ Jesus.  I have linked some of my favorites on the page linked to the right of my computer format blog, and here, but from this group (which I could easily add more to, and perhaps later I will....) I would like to recognize these, as I have been honored and encouraged by my sister Rosie.

I nominate....

First I would like to recognize and nominate
Lori Ziegler, because, "How many times did I go the computer looking for her before I knew her and before I did find her?!!!"  

I was hungry for the experience and adjustment to be shared with another woman who was learning how to adjust to being an "empty-nester."  In Lori, I found it!!  I can relate to her heart for walking with Christ, as well as her mother's heart that necessarily must learn how to let go, and love none the less, just in a different way.  I can fellow-ship with Lori in her blog, and you can too.  She is a sweet Christian sister. (link here to Lori's sweet blog)

I am grateful for my friend Kate from the beautiful Philippines, who I met by blogging.  I highly value her ministry of encouragement and book reviews for young people, especially on parenting and faith matters.  She stands ready to read and share, with a hungry world, beginning in her own country of a thousand islands.  Her plan is to shift her focus of time from her blog, to  meet a need in her family, but keep her in your prayers, and visit her now and then, to see how the Lord is moving, how her blog may evolve through the changes in her life.  Read, enjoy, and perhaps drop her a line of encouragement.  You would be visiting a sweet Christian sister.

Another blogger I have tremendously enjoyed for the sweetness of her observations, messages, and poetry, is Traci Rhoades of "Traces of Faith,"  If  you want pure, clean, fun, something like country bliss and fresh air, Traci's is a lovely place to visit.  It is just a TREAT.  I hope you experience it for yourself, and delight in it as I do.

Now an amazing diverse and dedicated blogger that I have enjoyed over and over again is Rita Kurian at "Revival Rain.".  Oh my !!  Her posts range the gamete.  She writes  and shares gripping poetry, touching fiction, and tough reflections as well as hard to take truths (sometimes shared by others), all for the purpose of building the kingdom of Christ and building up believers to help them grow in knowledge, courage, and glory in our HOPE which is real and alive through Christ.

In addition to the afore mentioned talents, I would like to
recognize Chioma Oparadike.  I do not know her exact situation or life circumstances but she impresses me and amazes me with the quality of her posts at such a young age.  She targets ambitious young women, possibly in their 30s which I obviously am not, but I SO APPRECIATE this bright young woman writing to encourage and exhort others toward's good works and living for Christ.  You will find encouragement in the right direction at Chioma's blog, and you can't go wrong by sending friends there either.

In addition to those, I would like to recognize a very busy mother named Nylse (planning a wedding for a daughter presently) who began blogging in 2007.  She writes about anything, but always from a thoughtful Christian perspective. Everything I have read  at her blog called, "Life Notes,"makes me look forward to going back for more, and makes me feel like I just sat and had tea with a friend!  I hope you look around her blog, and see what I mean. 

Lastly, here I would like to recognize Edith Ohaja, who is a university lecturer and teacher, and has a blog packed with talent and thoughtfulness from herself as well as some contributing students.  She is a very busy encourager and I am always entertained and uplifted when I visit sister Edith's sites.  You can visit Edith Ohaja, My Musings, here.

Whew !!  I recognized seven !!  Thank you if you stayed with me through all of that wonderful stuff!  Now sisters, you seven, please carry the torch of encouragement to recognize some of your favorites.  This is the procedural protocol if you accept: 

Guidelines for Blogger Recognition Award:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, in your new post, about the award.

2)  Write a post to show a photo of your award.

3) Give a brief story of how your blog started.

4)  Give two pieces of  advice to new bloggers.

5)  Select (up to 15) other bloggers for this award.

6)  Comment on each blog to let your nominees know you nominated them.  Be sure to provide a link to the post you created in the comment.

Yours very truly,
Tammy @
 Grandma Mary Martha
August 1, 2017

It seems appropriate that I link here, to Rosie's post that bestowed this honor upon me.  Visit her blog, to hear from a lovely Christian sister, mother, wife, grandmother, sister, who loves the Lord, and desires to encourage you in your walk.  Thank you for sharing some of our journey.


  1. I am beyond grateful for this my friend. Just in time when I'm on the verge of weighing priorities and asking God for more encouragement to pursue blogging as my ministry. You are such a talented and amazing woman of Christ who I adore deeply. Not only my blog has been recognized but I have also gained a lifetime friend (and hoping for more friendship to come).❤❤❤

    1. God has been at work, and blessed us both!! My life is richer because of you Kate, and so is the world, with every heart that serves Him...

  2. Congratulations to you on your award!

    1. Thank you for visiting, and for kind support, and for SPEAKING for CHRIST in your blog !! God bless you sister.

  3. I am deeply honored, and inspired by your life Tammy. This leads me on the path to really appreciate you and many other bloggers in this chain nomination award. Thank you so much..God bless!!!

    1. You are an amazing sister. I am so blessed to get to know you through blogging. Hugs and love, from me here.

  4. Congratulations! Very encouraging to other bloggers out there!

    1. Ashley thank you for visiting and leaving a nice comment. I followed your name to your blog about kids activities. I love it, and tried to leave a comment, and shared in on pinterest, and recommended it to a my friend Kate. I think she will be visiting your blog often!

  5. Congratulations Tammy on your award. I always have enjoyed your writings. Keeping up with life keeps me pretty busy. Hugs love


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