Tuesday, August 15, 2017

(A) Reflections after Chapter 2 of Boundaries

I actually am not far in to this book, but I am so excited about it, luving the brain-food, so I decided to share my reflections specifically on Chapter 2 of Boundaries, by Dr.Henry Cloud&Dr.John Townsend.

I spent a decade of my life reading self help genre, so in that context I think I have some experience to compare to.  This book is a keeper, and a lender.  You will want to lend this book to friends and you will refer to wisdom gleamed over and over if you are like me.

Something that I so very much appreciated about this book is that the Dr.s wrote it from a Christian perspective, and quote scripture through out,  AND there is a tone of HOPE on every page.  These professionals have seen (no doubt) HELPED families and individuals recover from dysfunctional patterns, and wounds, and today, there is a people  who are hungry for HOPE.

These guys spell it out.  In chapter two they have helped broaden my understanding of my family of origin, as well as the individual that I grew to be.  In chapter two alone, I found passages that made me think, "Every parent should have this language in their tool chest."

If you want to read more, it follows in part (B).

Someone trained in journalism and blogging media, suggested that my LONG posts could inhibit my reading audience or page views, because typical blog reader will loose interest when the post is too long.  Well I am a long winded writer sometimes, so I am experimenting with dividing my posts into sections, to be posted on different days and linked together in the long run.  

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