Friday, August 4, 2017

2 Flops, 2 Successes, 2 Days

I tried to make that magical, best white or yellow butter cake ever.  Didn't work.  I suppose because I took a gob of the butter sugar egg mixture and tried to mix that bit separately with my gluten free flour, and into the rest of the creamy mixture, I put........ not enough of the regular cake flour, baking powder mixture.   Just didn't work well.  The gluten free cake was OK, but not good enough for me to proudly share with the friend that I was thinking of when I made it.

Daughter and I ate some less than perfect messy cake with homemade chocolate ice-cream anyway.  Torture of course.

Other flop was......... I baked my whole chicken for hours.   It was aromatic and juicy when I dug in it with my fork, ready to eat some of it with my salad for lunch.  Tangled in  my fork, came out a plastic thing..........containing neck and gizzard etc..  UGH!  I hate it when that happens.  Because of how plastics release carcinogens, I am sorry to say that this chicken (de-boned) became a treat for my cats and dogs.  May I be wiser with my raw chicken next time, and check the inside!!!

Ready for some kitchen successes now!  
This is one of those, "Hm, what can I make for us......?" meals out of what I find.

 😊Actually was so ymmy, that my daughter and I ate almost all of it in one sitting !

I mixed:

*one can of Northern beans
*one can Rotel (seasoned) tomatoes
*2/3 package of cream cheese
*about two cups crumbled, cooked (pulled from the freezer) ground hamburger meat
* 1/8 cup of CUMIN seasoning

I microwaved it for 3 minutes, stirred and then 3 more minutes in the microwave.  Daughter asked what it was and I told her,"Cheesy Beany Soup."

..............It was so good, there's hardly none left-over......

Here's my second success:

*one pound of dried split peas (cost under $2)
cooked on low in couple quarts of water, stirring occasionally.  

*Then I added chopped onion and a package of already prepared "match-stick" cut carrots, and a splash of olive oil.

This yumminess will feed me for lunch for a week.  To see other examples of how my daughter eat at lunch during the school year, go here to see my post about just that!

So................. if you have failures in your kitchen, you know you are not alone.

Thank God for our blessings.... wonderful food, and friends with which to share,
and at my house, also fur babies.
Grandma Mary Martha💖

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