Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lessons I Learned in Marriage :

Having lived through wonderful hilltop experiences of marriage, as well as dark valleys (go here to read about God healing my marriage despite long separation) I have learned a bit, and developed some perspective.  Here I will share a few lessons that have been part of my journey:

1) I am going to have to compromise on more than I ever dreamed........ but the more I compromise, the sweeter he gets. 

2) He/ the husband comes first, above all other PEOPLE,second to God, the children not neglected....I am accountable to God for how I take care of, and teach my children, as well as how I serve as wife.  There are rewards as I practice putting my husband above others....

3) God can HEAL when I think it is HOPELESS.

4) My husband is smarter than I knew.

5)  My husband is stronger than I knew.

6)  My husband carries burdens and scars that I was unaware of.

May these words make a difference for someone.  Marriage is a journey, a learning journey, not a destination !!  Encourage your hiking partner, don't poop out on him.

"God, thank you that by your grace, my marriage has survived and grown in wisdom, and grace, and good fruits.  It is by YOUR work that I am what I am, and have what I have.  Use me to be a light, to love and encourage others. In Christ's name I pray. AMEN"
Grandma Mary Marthađź’–

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