Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Healthy flatbread, fun for young cooks:

After our wonderful picnic party at the river yesterday, by the time kids were delivered home, it was pretty late and I was exhausted.  I couldn't sleep late because I had to deliver the 13 year old to vacation Bible school in town where she was serving as a helper.  When I came back home, I accomplished a little.  Fortunately for me, after I picked them (her and her friend) up at noon, they let me rest while they watched two episodes of Narnia, and did colored in these cool grown-up coloring books (that my daughter likes to use as greeting cards to spread cheer).  They served themselves leftover sandwich stuff from the party, so later, after I rested, I was ready for fun:  

.................Simple Healthy Fun Flatbread:............

I had a container of yogurt that was almost out.  I emptied the last bit evenly in two separate bowls.  It probably amounted to 

a little over one half cup yogurt  for each girl's bowl

 Then in a third bowl, I whisked together dry ingredients amounting to about 

1 part gluten-free flour
1 part almond meal, 
1 part ground flax seed, 
and another half part gluten free flour. 
 I whisked it together and got a big serving spoon and allotted three heaping spoons of that dry mixture on to the yogurt in each bowl.  

The girls each mixed their portion up with a spatula, and it became a nice soft pliable dough.  We thought that was enough dry ingredient so we floured the surface of the mats with regular flour, and floured the rolling pins, and the girls made a dough ball and rolled it out VERY GENTLY.  It stuck so badly to the mat this time, that we scraped it off and added more flour, regular flour just in hand kneading.  THEN the dough was finally ready.  

Again they each tried to roll it out, and IT WORKED !!

We used a cast iron skillet on the electric burner at 4 which I would call medium high heat.  We did not oil the pan.  It was dry.  Interestingly the bread did not bubble, but we watched the bottom carefully.  When it got slightly brown with some brown spots, we flipped it.  We learned this bread is not roll-able or bendable; it breaks.

But we put the two together and made a quesadilla with ham and cheese between each girl's flatbread, and it was  freakin' delicious !!

It was REALLY REALLY GOOD, and we will for sure have fun with this over and over !!!   Another fun recipe that you don't have to have standard measurement for.  Just have fun.  Learn.  Get the EXPERIENCE. ***

I cut it in sections so the girls could let me taste and actually it was so filling that there were a few pieces extra for Lily to share with her grandparents.

One satisfied cook right there, ready to go for another swim.

I got a taste, and there was some to bring home to Lily's Mama Bear and Papa Bear.

I liked this "bread" very much.  It is difficult to describe.  Maybe I could describe it by saying if a tortilla and half cracker half pita bread had a baby, this would be it.  Heat that up with meat and cheese in the middle and you've got a winner !!

Thank you to God for every good gift, and wonderful food, and friends with which to share....

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you have fun trying this someday.  I would love to read in the comments about some of your cooking adventures.
Grandma Mary Marthađź’–

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  1. That looks delicious! Looks like a little more pita bread and pancake to me. Your daughter is very blessed to have a caring mom. It was a sweet gesture of you to take home some of it for her friend.❤