Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fun Housework??

House work!  A struggle for me.  


 I am not sure. 

Numerous reasons probably. 
 Perhaps the top two are    1) I would rather be creative or social with besties.     2)No matter how good I am at it, in my mind I will never be good enough, because I will never be as good as my mother.

My mother was and still is THE BEST at keeping things clean and organized.     She and I have different talents.

Remember  I do this blog partly for therapy for me.  (You can read about me in pages linked to right of computer format blog.)  It helps me fit a dose of creativity into my day, and gives me the satisfaction of putting positivity OUT.

So.... though it is still a daily challenge for me.... what are my FAVORITE motivation TIPS ??  Cause I do need help here...

1) Listen to uplifting Christian music.  It's all so much more pleasant if I am listening to something beautiful.  One of my friends was telling me today that she likes to put her phone in her back pocket and the ear-buds in her ears and she listens to an interesting sermon or uplifting talk.

2) Put a posting of some favorite scriptures or words to favorite song, where you can see them and study and practice while you do what you do.

Above are my water stained, messy scripture notes hung by a hairpin on a string above my kitchen sink for this exact purpose. 

3) Have your daughter or son come TALK to you about their day while you fold clothes or do dishes.  The alternative is that they DO THE CHORE. 

 In my house they always are happy to TALK to me.... 

During this time often deals are made.......... "I will let you _________ if you ________ for me..... or I will __________ for you , if you ________ for me...."   This makes this arrangement a WIN WIN WIN scenario:  My work is more pleasant, our relationship benefits from the communication and mutually supportive deals that we make.

4) Do a house-chore co-op with a friend.  When I lived down the street from my precious friend Joan, we would take turns working together to clean each others house together !!!!  It was fabulous!!  We felt like we were saving time.  We were getting house-chores accomplished AND fellow-shipping and laughing and encouraging one another and making more fun plans as we went along.

That brings me to another tactic that I have thoroughly enjoyed:

5)  Call up a favorite person and put them on speaker-phone in proximity of where you are washing dishes (VERY CAREFUL with PHONE AROUND WATER.  Put it where it is secure and will not fall or get knocked in water), or in proximity to where you are folding clothes etc..

6) Perhaps an intercessory prayer is in order.  Take delight while you wash your dishes, or fold clothes, or sweep..... to talk to your Father as if He was in the room with you, because, HE IS.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Not that taking care of your baby is "house-work," but I think the idea applies here.......... When my sister was raising her babies, she shared the sweetest idea with me.  She shared with me that she decided that her middle of the night feedings with her baby, were also her time to PRAY for them- their future.  How sweet, right?!!  Let's at least SOMETIMES turn our housework time  into a sweet time of prayer for our loved ones!!

7)  When you have kids......... get them to help by proposing a deal:   You all work between 8 and 10 to help me get everything done on this list, and then we will ___________😊

Do you have any other cool tips for making the house-chores more of a pleasure for those of us who struggle with it?  Please share in comments.

***Yes yes yes, I have paid my kids with cash, and tokens, and promises...... I tried more gimmicks than I can remember trying to get them to help with housework.  None of them were snap answers for me.  All of them were hard for me to keep up with. Above are my no-non-sense GO TO tips.

I am grateful that my daughter is a sweet helper now, and her room bears witness that she just might be the best housekeeper in the family.

According to my daughter-in-law, my son is a good helper and I have witnessed him do his share at their home.  I am grateful.  Can I feel proud about that??  Maybe it means I did something right??  Never mind his room at my house.  My daughter-in-law is amazing in her management of their little home.  She is very clever with their resources, and I admire her very much.  Someday if she will grant me permission, I would like to share in my blog some of their practices that I admire..........

I would love for you to share good ideas in the comments.

Enjoy every day girls.  Enjoy life whatever stage you are in.  Enjoy  the LIFE that God has brought to you. 💜
Grandma Mary Martha 💖


  1. When I ask my teen daughter for help, I say it in a sing-song voice or I do a puppet voice that way there's still a funny atmosphere for everyone to get going. She's a natural helper actually.

  2. Kate I LOVE LOVE LOVE that !! THank you for taking the time to share that GREAT idea that still has me smiling at the thought............ (hugs)

  3. I loved this post! Laundry is my LEAST favorite chore by far, but I get my kids to help me by making it a game, matching the socks, seeing who has the most items of a specific color in their pile, ect.

  4. I will send this to a friend who yesterday was saying housework was a challenge. For me? I just walked around folding clothes as I walked because it is too cold to walk outside for me today!

  5. These are all great ideas! And although I LOVE cleaning (I know... weird haha), I want to start doing some of these! I think calling someone while I clean would be a great idea and would help pass the time, too!

  6. Lovely post, Tammy! Seems you and the ladies who commented earlier have got it covered. Quite a few tips worth trying here. I do the music thing often. Cheers;