Thursday, July 20, 2017

Anxiety in the Doctor's Office

(posted a week later)

Well today I did something that I was supposed to do.  I went to the doctor's office for a "well woman's check-up."  It was routine, though I did have a few observations or concerns that I had decided to mention. 

 As usual there were wait times, before the nurse called my name and then again while waiting in my tissue paper dress for the physician assistant lady to enter.  (Do all countries use the tissue paper dresses??) Anyway, it was in those times of boredom when anxiety tried to sneak in and disable me. 

 I can honestly say that because of the good brain-food that my blogging sisters have put out for me to feast on.......... I made a decision that I was going to PRAY in those times of boredom....... Now I tell this now, certainly not as a brag on myself, but rather a thank you, to the bloggers who faithfully put out posts about truth and encouragement and wise counsel to help uplift and push us to good works and frame of mind, and also to share my joy, that I know this was RIGHT.  May my sharing be an encouragement to YOU !!!  When you are tempted to be stressed about anything:  PRAY.

My choosing to pray about others was fitting for so many reasons.  First, obviously I pray for myself and my friends and my family regularly.   Until in that building, waiting in my tissue paper dress, I had never prayed for those people in that building.  But on this day I did.......... I know it was right.  It felt good!  I did not indulge in anxiety as would be my natural tendency, and ............. I did something positive, and I lifted in prayer those medical professionals who are up there likely 5 of 7 days a week, touching lives, trying to earn a living, and who have spent a significant portion of their own lives investing in their knowledge and skills desiring to help others.....

Life is a journey.  Each age, each stage, has its unique challenges, and it is WONDERFUL to learn and grow along the way.  I truly hope this was a milestone even for me.  May I forever more, never get anxious at a doctor's office, and in moments of boredom or tempted worry........... PRAY for others.

Thanks be to God for continuing to mold me, and pour on grace.  Thank you for visiting.  I would be thrilled if you found something that you thought worth sharing from here at the Grandma Mary Martha blog.
Grandma Mary Martha 💖


  1. Praying for others is healthy for our spiritual being. Sometimes I bring a book or do my devotion while waiting but I can be easily distracted with noise. So then I started looking around at people to read their faces. When I'm at the hospital/clinic I think of their illness or maybe someone they love is sick. I pray for deliverance and healing. At the supermarket line, I pray for provision for the person who I perceive to have less than anyone else. During traffic I pray for the homeless person at the streets, or a vendor under the heat of the sun, and for impatient drivers to keep their cool. It felt so good, not because of my own vain but abiding with God's calling to love one another. And praying for someone you don't know is the best expression of love.

    1. Oh Kate, you dear sweet heart, that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Because I don't remember ever doing that...... until that day......... is why I DO APPRECIATE it being topic of a BLOG. Perhaps another sweet sister will be praying in the doctor's office and at other public places because of this blog brain food. It's all about encouraging one another toward's good works, and bringing glory to the Father, who is preparing a paradise for us.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add, speaking of health. I will pray for your good health and well-being my friend.
    Lots of love here,

    1. Thank you for being YOU, and thank you for thoughtful prayers for me. (HUGS sweet sister)

  3. Welcome! Let me know (if you may) so we can pray specifically about it.❤