Friday, June 30, 2017

Keep Calm and Thrive on.............

"The teen years were supposed to be fun.  This is not fun."  Have you ever thought that?  Many teens have.  Actually, ask high school kids and grown-ups, and they will likely tell you that they never wished to live junior high over again.  It is not unusual for young people to go through a difficult time of adjustment, during their teen years. 

 Physical, social, and emotional stretches of growth are pretty much inevitable, and actually can lead to something wonderful (adulthood).  But you have to survive junior high first!!

Here are some tips to help you survive and THRIVE:

T...... is for TEMPORARY, and TERRIFIC TIMES.  Remember that these particular difficult days are temporary and you can help yourself and others to grow into the terrific times, with good choices.

H..... is for HOPE and HEALTHY HOBBIES.  
 Hang on to hope that the best is yet to come, as you pursue healthy hobbies.  Art, music, writing, sports, hunting, fishing, dancing...anything that brings goodness and pleasure, real goodness and pleasure, should be pursued with joy and passion.  Spend your time with your healthy hobby rather than looser friends.  Winner friends YES.  Looser friends NO.

R..... is for ROLE models.  
Seek out people and friends in your life who are worthy to be admired for some reason.  Ideally this reason to be admired would be because this person makes the world a better place.  Someone who makes your family, your school, your class, your church, your neighborhood, your home, your team, a better place.  That person could be a role model.  Learn what you can from that person and determine some ways that you can apply that person's talents or wisdom to your own life.  Choose worthy role models !

I..... is for INVEST.  
Invest in others.  Purposefully, seek out others to be nice to them.  Be a friend !  Give encouragement, compliments, help.  Invest your time and goodness in others.  Even choose to invest in those who you feel do not deserve it.  For Christians, help from the Holy Spirit, is a prayer away.  Then to God be the glory for the good things that follow your investment of goodness.

V ..... is for VOICE.  
Use your voice.  Find your voice.  Hang on to your voice.  This means, "speak up."  Speak up for goodness.  Speak up for fairness.  Speak up and ask for help if YOU need it.  Don't carry a heavy burden with out speaking to a trusted or treasured person in your life.  Use your voice to seek counsel, and give counsel.  Don't ever loose your voice!!

E..... is for EXCELLENCE.  
Pursue excellence.  What comes around, goes around.   You reap what you sew.  Pursue excellence so excellence comes back to you.  I have never met anyone who said, "I am glad I was lazy and didn't try."  I have heard lots of people say, "If I had it to do over again, I would TRY HARDER."  Live your life like that now!   Pursue excellence!

Keep calm, and thrive on.  Do all that you do, for the glory of God.

Please share, if you know a teen that could use some encouragement.  Remember, not all are blessed to get it from home.  Thank you!  Oh, and I would love it if you would write in comments, best advice that someone shared with YOU while, growing up.
Grandma Mary Martha 💖

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