Saturday, May 6, 2017

Some of MY Love-able, and Laughable, Decorating Crafts

I did some research on how to make a small room seem bigger.  One tip was to draw the eye UP, and have "blank spaces" in the wall, and neutral colors.  Hence my unique genuine STICK curtain rods (sticks hang on coat hooks screwed in the wall), and plain linen curtains which are good for ME. Well, that research may or may not  have had anything do with this creation.  I also had looked for unique ways to display pictures, and before my son got married, I literally had strands of jute hanging from this big stick with pictures taped to the jute.  I made kind of a picture hanging mobile.  After my son got married, I wanted a special

way to display some special shots from that special day.  When the idea finally came to me, I had SUCH FUN incorporating my big stick, and some wedding elements (flowers, lace, seashells, tulle) into my arrangement!!
Then more, on the fish bowl stand.  In the frame against the wall behind the fish bowl is an old frame with an old doille that has hand crocheted lace on the edges.  I love that stuff.

 Now, here, is my coffee rack in process.  First I got my wire and constructed my heart hooks.  Then I layed my coffee cups on the board that I chose from outside, in order to plan the spacing to accommodate my super big cups.  My husband used his drill screw-er when mine did not work.

For YEARS I wanted a tiered server.  I didn't want to pay for a fancy one.  Finally, I got courage, and creative impulse.  With my glue gun and what could be called trash:

The first server, I look forward to using with cupcakes, or chips, crackers, and cheese.  Look for it some future parties here.  I made it with old pizza pan that I do not use (because I prefer to bake pizza on my wire rack or stone) and some plastic cast-aways that would be trashed or recycled.  I actually put rock salt in plastic bags, inside the plastics that give the height, in order to give weight and stability, and used hot glue gun to carefully connect it all.  Then I spray painted with bronze that my son had used for one of his projects years ago.  Yes, I would probably line each layer with paper doilies or linen.  The other server is part of my coffee/tea center and is made from old roaster bottom that had a hole in it, used to attach  tin can and roaster lid upside down for service purpose.  I feel blessed with each fun, laughable project.

My chalkboard, I love love, and super cool thing about it is that I can change the writing to celebrate different days or different visitors!!  I made it by spraying some chalkboard paint on a cast away white board.  They are not terribly hard to find.........for next to nothing.  Keep your eyes open.

Oh, I haven't found a place for this yet, because it doesn't work where I thought it would, but can you believe that I made it with boards from a 9 year old discarded outdoor project, and wire, HOT GLUE and cardboard!!  That is a HOOT!  Go ahead and laugh, and be encouraged to TRY.  

Yes, it is true..... You would be surprised what you and hot glue could do. (see above)

I don't know if this qualifies as a craft, but I am very pleased with this re-purposing or up-cycling in my kitchen:
My decorating is kind of simple, rustic, country, so this fits.  When I needed bigger convenient storage for my gawky frequently used kitchen utensils, this worked!  You could tie it together with an Americana fabric or  ribbon of your choice, or spray paint them your color, and  HOT GLUE them together !!  The possibilities are really endless.

Is it my imagination, or does my decorating communicate, "You don't have to be PERFECT to be valued around here."  I do desire my guests and family members feel acceptance and love when they enter my home.

Now see outside my front door, this happy, worn arrangement, still welcomes family and friends:

Have fun, girls!  Have fun adding touches around your home, that reflect your heart, and provide welcoming hospitality for any who comes to share a bit of life with you, in your home!  Thank you for sharing a bit of life with Grandma Mary Martha.  I would feel like a friend visited, if you left a nice comment below.

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