Monday, May 29, 2017

Life is Like Jellybeans......Most (days) are Beautiful

I had a rough day recently.  I recounted the rough parts to my special friend Jean, and the quintessential teacher (15 years retired) she got back with me to share an idea that she wanted me to use with my daughter (who calls her Aunt Jean) to illustrate a healthy perspective on the bad stuff that happens.  We discussed pretty marbles, red checkers vs. black checkers, but when the idea of jellybeans came, I knew that was the option I would go with.

Aunt Jean's life lesson plan was that I start with an empty jar, and recall the events or observations for the day with my daughter, careful to cover the wonderful and good points, and each time a positive remark is made, drop a pretty color in the jar.  I had told her that black was my least favorite color, so when I recalled or reviewed a negative from our day, I was to drop a black jellybean in the jar.  Lastly I should summarize to my daughter that life is like that..... filled with good and bad, but usually more good than bad, if we look carefully, and what are we going to choose to focus on?...the beautiful colors, or the black?

I now have a new affection for jellybeans.  Yes, I am aware that black can be beautiful.  One of my favorite shirts to wear is black lace.

Also I am aware that some people like black jellybeans.  My mom does.  Fine.  I love pretty colors.  I love to remember that most days are beautiful.  Most days are filled with good stuff.  All the more for Christians, who are just passing through in this world.  We are Heaven bound.  Looking at the events of my day, or jellybeans in a jar, I choose to look at the pretty ones.  May your days be colorful and beautiful.

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  1. What a wonderful analogy! I am a negative Nancy by nature, so this really gave me a new perspective. Even though there are black jellybeans in life, they are outshined by all those yummy sweet ones!

    1. Thank you for visiting, and leaving a supportive comment for me, Andrea! I thought my girlfriend was pretty clever for thinking of the "lesson." Hey, I made a new "page" in the right column of my blog, for other links and I put yours there. Hope you don't mind. I really liked your blog when I looked around and now my page, my friends or readers can see and it's a super convenient link for me as well !